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Client Testimonials

“Exposing what you don't know is incredibly difficult and equally useful” – Product Manager

“This process takes the parts we generally know about the sales process and breaks it down into pieces you can get your hands around, helps to organize the pieces and provides a strategy for trying to move the sale ahead” – Senior Consultant

“Having trouble gauging your opportunity's true value?  Confusing your client's Owners, Experts, and Users and the characteristics and needs of each?  Need help walking each through the sales process?  Stuck in an "expert stall" or "owner bypass" loop?  Can you identify the gaps dividing critical project factors and their closure or what strategies you should employ to overcome common sales barriers?  Do you struggle with contingency plans, or customer message design? If you answered YES to all of those questions, then this training is for you!” – Consultant

“The game is changing and we need to adapt to assure success.  We need to be make sure we are doing everything we can to be successful at winning opportunities and this sale process will have us achieve that goal.” – Director, Business Development

“Until you understand all the players in the decision process and can address their needs and concerns, you won't be effective in closing the opportunities.  This training will give you the tools and methods to become more effective in the sales process.” – Senior Associate

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