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Experience is Key to Success

Karen Cornwell is the foremost authority on product development and management and consults with companies who desire to increase their revenue and profitability.  Karen specializes in strategic Product Management, Marketing, and Business Development with an emphasis on entering new markets and expanding the vision to introduce new products and services in strategic growth areas.

She loves to work across business boundaries and create strategies that turn market opportunities into product vision and growth driven by a relentless focus on customer needs. Integrating new product and service innovation and R&D, Karen has helped teams to deliver customer centric products along with the tools needed to maximize product value in the eyes of the customer. She inspires and leads global teams to exceed individual and corporate objectives.  

One of Karen’s passions, is her belief that diversity is the key piece of understanding customer needs and the best solutions are designed by diverse teams.  She speaks and designs programs for companies who want to improve their diversity leverage to enhance market growth and innovation, while watching their employee engagement spiral upwards.  

With her BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA from Santa Clara University, Karen is uniquely qualified to drive High Tech Companies to significantly higher performance levels.

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