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Feel like your Product Management/Marketing Group could be doing more to grow the business? 

Do your teams get engaged with clients a little late in the game to win projects?

Are your BD and Product Managers so busy with proposals and deliveries that they don’t have time to put together Product Plans?

Got great products and been wondering if you should consider adding services to your mix?

Are you suffering from silo-mentality where each group pursues opportunities individually without considering the complete value your company can offer customers?

Know you’ve got great products and services, but seem to be having trouble communicating the value to clients?

If you answered, Yes, to any of these questions, then I can help you grow revenue, market share, and coach your teams to expand their product lines while enhancing your team’s skills.  Some examples of the areas where I can make a tangible difference are included below.  If you are curious and want to discuss how I might be able to help your company, let’s set up a time for a free consultation to explore your needs.

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Reaching a Deal

Product Management/Marketing Consulting

Design Value into Your Products

I work with your Product Management/Marketing teams to get clarity around expanding the value you bring to clients.  From here, we design the plans to grow your offerings through R&D, partnerships, and silo-busting. I drive this development with a laser focus on your client’s needs and I will teach your teams how to do this themselves.  From here, we create or update their Product Roadmaps and begin the process of market segmentation, followed by articulating the value of your offerings to different stakeholders.

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Engineering Services

Expand Your Business

Engineering and consulting services are high margin and if managed correctly, lead to long-term mutually beneficial relationships that not only help your clients, but also can be leveraged to extend your existing product lines and expand into new areas. I have spent much of my career developing and evolving service product lines.  It is a skill that few understand, but once I teach this to your teams, you will wonder why you didn’t think of it earlier.  The benefits also go very deep as you deliver these services, you will find your teams understand the client’s needs at a much deeper level allowing them to introduce even more powerful services and ancillary products as you become your client’s trusted advisor.

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Innovation Acceleration Programs

Leverage your Expertise

Everyone wants more innovation these days, but few seem able to deliver it.  I can create or customize your current innovation process so it starts delivering rewards immediately. I specialize in getting cross-functional teams to integrate their knowledge to offer your customers higher value. Innovation review processes may kill more ideas than they accelerate.  It’s a fine balance that I can help you hone.

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Strategic Sales Training

Win More Orders

Many engineering and consulting firms get caught in proposing work they rarely win, chase projects that competitors have already locked up, and frequently don’t have a good understanding of what the client really needs.  Strategic Sales training will help your teams break free of this frustrating loop and allow your teams to understand the decision making process your clients use when evaluating their options. Strategic Sales casts a completely new light on how large companies make decisions and is designed to empower and coordinate multi-functional teams to move clients forward in their decision process.

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